It is in fact very easy to create a new procedure request. Click on Procedures tab, then click on "+". Make sure you answer all of the questions. BidBeauty workflow lets you make changes to your procedure even after you have created it.

Details are essential

In order to avoid any confusion and last minute changes by a doctor, provide as much details as possible about your procedure. In the "Tell the doctor what you are looking for" text field describe what you are looking to achieve and the end result you expect. That description becomes a framework, and a baseline, for the doctors.

Communication is essential

BidBeauty provides a robust messaging system between doctors and users. Regularly check the Messages tab for any new message from a doctor.

When you create a procedure request, you will be notified when doctors respond to your request, either accepting it as-is, or countering your request. If you have funded your procedure you can review each respondent's rating and user satisfaction, and decide which doctor is the right one for you. Clicking on "Award" button lets that doctor know that they have been awarded the procedure and that they need to contact you within 48 hours.

1- From Messages tab select the procedure you would like to award.

2- Click on the Award button.

3- Check BidBeauty Agreements.

4- Confirm BidBeauty Agreements.

5- You are done! The procedure has been awarded.

Funding a procedure means paying for it. When you select a doctor and award your procedure to them, you will then be able to make payment to your chosen doctor. Remember, the money stays in your account until you release the payment.

Under the Procedures tab, find the procedure that you would like to cancel, swipe to left and a "Cancel" button appears. Clicking Cancel will cancel your request. Remember neither BidBeauty nor the doctor charge any cancelation fees. Any charge you see is strictly related Stripe.

You have 12 hours before the start of your procedure to cancel it. There are no cancelation fees either by a doctor or BidBeauty before this grace period. However, Stripe imposes a refund fee, usually no more than 3% of the payment amount, which will be deducted from your funds, when you ask for a refund.

Yes. All doctors require patients to sign some form of agreement(s).

Your funds stay in your account until you release the funds by clicking the "Release Payment" button.

Procedure Guarantee means that if a doctor cancels your procedure at the last minute, your money is fully refunded to your account. We will make sure of that so you don't have to worry about it.

No. In order to protect your funds and ensure that the doctors are properly compensated, we ask that all transactions be handled by BidBeauty. All off-platform payments are a violation of our terms.

We always say that open, honest, and direct communication is the key to a quick solution. But if you’re having trouble reaching an agreement with your doctor, you’ll have the option to involve BidBeauty 72 hours after you have awarded a procedure.

When to involve BidBeauty

  • You’ve not received a response from your doctor within 72 hours
  • You’re unable to reach a resolution on an issue
  • You’d like BidBeauty to make a final decision based on BidBeauty policies
  • You don’t feel comfortable continuing the conversation with your doctor

Please keep in mind that when you choose to involve BidBeauty, you agree to accept the decision that we reach, and understand that all decisions are final.

If you’ve opened a Dispute request, and you’re having trouble reaching an agreement with your provider, you’ll have the option to involve BidBeauty.

When you choose to involve BidBeauty, our team will be notified and a dedicated team member will be assigned to your case. They’ll review the information provided by you and your service provider, before making a final decision. Their decision will be based on our policies and the documentation provided by you and your provider. In some cases, we may need to contact you to gather additional information, before we can make a decision.

While we’re always happy to help, it may take more time to reach a solution when BidBeauty is asked to intervene. Because of this, we recommend only choosing to involve BidBeauty if you’re unable to work things out with your provider directly.

It’s also important to keep in mind that BidBeauty’s decision may not align with the solution you were hoping for. By asking to involve BidBeauty you’re agreeing to accept the final decision that we reach.

Once a decision is made, we’ll be able to process the refund or payment on your behalf.