How BidBeauty Works

With BidBeauty the roles of buyer and seller are reversed. Ordinarily, patients look to obtain cosmetic services, such as Botox or liposuction, by contacting and visiting many offices, and negotiating for a better price either face to face or over the phone. With BidBeauty, cosmetic practices compete to obtain your business at your stated price, thus typically lowering prices as the doctors underbid each other. And all of this happens using BidBeauty app.

BidBeauty Doctors

Who Are BidBeauty Doctors

BidBeauty doctors demonstrate the highest standards of training, knowledge, and expertise in the cosmetic surgery specialty while promoting safe and ethical practice.

Safety First

BidBeauty doctors are required to be:

  • Professional. BidBeauty doctors have achieved and maintain the highest professional standards in cosmetic surgery.
  • Qualified. BidBeauty doctors are specialists in cosmetic surgery and are certified by state of California to practice medicine.
  • Skilled & Ethical. BidBeauty doctors are required to carry out their duties in full compliance with all laws and regulations relating to equivalent surgical specialists.

It's Easy and Quick

Find a highly qualified cosmetic doctor, and negotiate your next cosmetic procedure without shopping around using your smart-phone.

Why Use BidBeauty


It's SafeBidBeauty is a safe alternative to finding and planning your next cosmetic surgery.


Board Certified DoctorsAll BidBeauty doctors are board certified and are licensed by state of California.


Save MoneyWhen you name your price, and doctors bid for your procedure, you save big!