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Many times after the loss of a substantial amount of weight, people are left with lax and excess skin on the thighs. The thighs may be disproportionately bulky, and finding clothes to fit may be a challenge. Physical discomfort and rashes are not uncommon. In such cases, no amount of diet and exercise can take away the drooping, excess skin and fat. While liposuction can address the issue of excess fatty bulk and fullness, it is not very effective at tightening loose tissues or getting rid of unwanted excess skin. Also, there are many devices and procedures on the market which promise to tighten these loose tissues without surgery, and while in very mild cases the results may be acceptable, the truth is that in cases with significant excess or laxity of the tissues, the results from those procedures are more often disappointing. A thighplasty, or thigh lift, is a surgery that involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the thighs to produce a more firm, shapely, and proportionate contour to the legs. The specific techniques and procedures used to accomplish this will be discussed with you during your consultation with Dr. G in San Diego at his surgery center.

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